Curse of Strahd


Asger cursed his feckless guards and the mists that spooked them so. He flinched as the wolves howled again. This was supposed to be easy.

He started as the shadows took the shape of a man, tall and muscular, his face framed by his thick black hair and beard. He was naked. And flanked by two giant wolves.

Asger gulped.

“You have taken one of my children”.

“We…we’re sorry. We’ll give him back. When we get to the inn…”

“You misunderstand. A child who is foolish enough, weak enough, to be caught by the likes of you has no place in my pack”

Asger looked confused.

“I can find myself another child. That is not what upsets me so. What upsets me is that you thought you could do this without retribution. That misapprehension I cannot allow to go uncorrected”

Asger’s eyes widened as the man’s muscles started to bulge, his flesh to ripple. His face elongated into a snout, his fingers into claws.

The last sound Asger heard was the howling of wolves.


ihilate ihilate

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