Curse of Strahd

The March

“My liege, I…”
“Don’t call me that” replied Einarr, continuing the march.
“But, my Lord I..
“Quiet boy” hissed Fafnir.
“Still your tongue, Brant!” the old man barked.
Fafnir gestured at the ancient forest with a wizened hand.
“This place is old, older than the House of Gunnar. Who or what holds court here, I do not know. But beasts and trees have ears. Some can speak.”
One of the men muttered an oath under their breath.
“Best not to say anything that could cause offence whilst we remain in their domain. Speak wisely, or not at all”
Brant nervously scoured the dark spaces between the trees. He could not shake the feeling that something watched their every step.
The party marched on in silence.


ihilate Auphan

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