Curse of Strahd

The story so far...

Wolf Trouble

All is not well in the small town of Vastervik, which falls within the domain of Einarr’s father. Vastervik, a remote and self-sufficient village, has come under attack by wolves (and, rumours have it, wolves that walk as men) and Einarr has been dispatched with a small group of warriors to support the village. Aid has also been requested from the church of Malar, who have sent Torvald along with the party.

A small train of merchants has also been recruited to bring the town essential supplies; weapons and armour and, more importantly, dried food supplies – the town has lost some of its most able-bodied townsfolk, and this has affected its ability to harvest crops. One of these merchants is Pukka the racist goblin, who has his horse and cart loaded with trade goods and is accompanied by two hired guards.

The war party has stopped off at the Crooked Crow, the last inn before Vastvik, for some hot food and a decent nights sleep before wolf hunting begins in earnest in the morning. At the inn, the party has been joined by Nibby, whose druid domain extends to the affected area. Although druids do not ordinarily accept help from outsiders, the threat is significant enough that druidic pride has to be set aside for the common good.

My name is Inigo Montoya

Mordrith’s studies have been interrupted by news that his master Szordrin, the man who killed his father, has resurfaced. It is not clear what Szordrin is doing, although some few reports suggest that he is looking for a portal, while others indicate that he believes he has found the secret to eternal life. Mordrith has followed his trail to the Crooked Crow inn.

Get your hands off

The peace and quiet of the hermitage at which Gobnait has been shut away, escaping her dark past, was disturbed recently by a group of Vistani gypsies camping outside. The all-night carousing was bad (if you never hear an accordion again it will be too soon) but worse is the fact that the Vistani stole an enchanted emerald from the heart of the hermitage. The emerald gives life to the soil around it, and has indirectly been the source of much of the hermitage’s food. Gobnait has taken it upon herself to use the abilities of her old life to retrieve the emerald from the Vistani. She’s tracked them to the Crooked Crow inn…


ihilate ihilate

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