Ismark Kolyanovich




You met Ismark in the Blood of the Vine Inn. He explained that he is the son of the late Burgomeister. His father died two nights ago, from a heart attack brought on by the stress of Strahd’s attacks on Ismark’s sister Ireena.

On hearing that you are planning to confront Strahd, Ismark has asked if you will first accompany Ireena to the Abbey of St Andral in Valliki, which Ismark has heard is sacred ground offering protection against Strahd. He believes that Strahd will come for his sister again in four nights time; he appears to be visiting her weekly. He believes that on his third visit, Ireena will become a vampire.

Other things Ismark has told you:

  • Strahd is a vampire, and has ruled Barovia for as long as anyone can remember.
  • Nobody who has entered Strahd’s castle uninvited has ever returned.
  • Strahd is served by the undead, the bats and rats of Barovia, and the Vistani.
  • Barovia has two other towns, Valliki and Krezk. The church at Valliki and the Abbey at Krezk are holy places.
  • The church in Barovia village is not a holy place, which is why he wants Ireena taken
  • About six months ago, Ismark remembers someone like Mordrith passing through Barovia. He was haughty and did not speak much to the villagers. Ismark does not know where he was going.

Ismark Kolyanovich

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