Vallaki has endured at least one festival every week for the past several years. It is the Burgomeister’s belief that the festivals keep the population happy, and that happiness keeps Strahd at bay.

The next festival, the Festival of the Burning Sun, is in three days time.

Strange flashes of lightening have been seen emanating from the attic of the Burgomeister’s mansion in recent nights.

The Church of St Andral is a safe haven. The bones of St Andral, buried beneath the Church, are sacred artifacts that prevent the undead from entering the church.

Wolves and dire wolves – and, some say, even worse things – roam the woods north and west of the town. Travelers are advised to take the road to Krezk and not the path through the woods, even though it may seem quicker.

Apart from the Burgomeister, the most influential person in Vallaki is Lady Wachter. The Wachters are an old and well-connected family.

South and west of the town is a haunted mansion. Legend has it that a dragon died there long, long ago.


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